Right, well, I guess I should start by saying welcome to my film blog. Firstly I think I should deal with the title of the blog (both the URL and graphic at the top of the screen). I am well known among my friends for being ‘anti-Americanisms’. This started off as me just disliking the word movie really, and preferring film, and so berating my friends whenever they didn’t use the latter, however over time it has expanded (for example the pronunciation of schedule, where in America they pronounce the ‘sch’ as though it were a hard ‘c’ sound (as in scar) whereas the British (and ofcourse correct) way is to pronounce it as you would shop).

So, please don’t take offence any of you Americans who choose to read this, I do not have an issue with your version of English in general, merely English people using it. Moving swiftly on though, this blog was the brainchild of a friend of mine actually, who had probably had enough of my near constant ramblings about the most recent film I had seen, and figured this would be a great way I would leave his poor ears in peace while instead kept my housemates awake to the sound of my keyboard clattering away. The intention of this blog is to give me space to natter on about films really, and so will be mainly reviews, although no doubts I will write the odd article on such things as generic themes in films, comparisons of actors/genres and other such oddities.